Flow Cytometry Analyzers

Fees for the User-Operated LSR II, Fortessa, Attune, and Aurora Cytometers

Fee Schedule:

Minimum Charge = 15 minutes

The greater of scheduled time or actual cytometer usage will be charged.

  Unified Core Member* Non-Member Non-Pitt
Analytic-solo $40.00/hr $80.00/hr N/A
Analytic-assisted $70.00/hr $140.00/hr $200.00/hr

Training fees for the cytometers are at the analytic-assisted rate

Cell Sorters

All Flow Cytometric Sorting
 Performed by the Facility Operator is at the Sort-assisted rate

Rates Effective Jan. 1 2015

Minimum Charge = 1 hour

  Unified Core Member* Non-Member Non-Pitt
Sort-solo $40.00/hr N/A N/A


$83.00/hr $166.00/hr


BSL-3 Sort-assisted $120.00/hr $240.00/hr N/A



ImageStream Imaging Cytometer


  Unified Core Member* Non-Member Non-Pitt
Analytic-solo $60.00/hr $100.00/hr N/A
Analytic-assisted $80.00/hr $160.00/hr $220.00/hr

Training fees for the ImageStream are at the analytic-assisted rate



*Core Member: (Researchers who have a primary affiliation with IMM, Rheum, STI, VMI/PACCM, Dermatology, Surgery, Pharmaceutical Science (School of Pharmacy), Pharmacy and Therapeutics (School of Pharmacy), Plastic Surgery, Environmental and Occupational Health or those eligible individuals who have paid the membership fee.  Eligibility is based on annual usage.)

Non-Member:  Pitt researchers other than core members.

Non-UPitt:  (Researchers who have a primary affiliation outside of the University of Pittsburgh)


The Unified Core launched in 2015 via the joint efforts of four groups: The Department of Immunology, The Starzl Transplantation Institute, the Division of Rheumatology, and the Vascular Medicine Institute and PACCM. The FACS Core Departments/Divisions contributed instruments (worth in excess of $3M), almost $600K in upgrades to machines, a fair amount of “free” or subsidized labor, and rent subsidy amounting to almost $84K per year. This is over and above the usage fees that they and their faculty have paid. To be eligible to join, an individual must have used the core during the last year for at least $1,000 of actual charges. New arrivals can use the last six months at an annualized rate to meet the threshold. Departments (or institutes or divisions of the large departments) can join by paying all of the initiation costs of its users (inclusive of all users, whether eligible by the above or not). In this case, new and future recruits to the department will be members of the Core. Core membership cost will be three times the difference between non-member and member rates based on the last six months (annualized) or 12 months of usage, whichever is greater. Regardless of this calculation, there will be a minimum cost of $3,000 per member whether on an individual or departmental basis. Please contact Lisa Borghesi (borghesi@pitt.edu) for membership information.