Academic Courses

Comprehensive Immunology

MSIMM 2210 - Comprehensive Immunology (2.0 Cr)

Instructor: Fuschiotti
This is a second-tier lecture and discussion course that will introduce the students to the fundamental concepts of modern immunology. The course will cover cells, tissues and organs of the immune system. Furthermore, in depth analyses of the development, activation, effector functions, and regulation of immune response will be presented in this course.

Experimental Basis of Immunology

MSIMM 2230 - Experimental Basis of Immunology (2.0 Cr)

Instructor: Lu
This is a second-tier course that will expose the students to classical and contemporary literature in modern immunology. Emphasis will be on paper analysis and critical evaluation of primary data. This course will parallel the topics presented in Comprehensive Immunology lecture course, which must be taken before or simultaneously with Experimental Basis of Immunology.

Immunology Teaching Assistant

MSIMM 2250 - Immunology Teaching Assistant (1.0 Cr)

Microbiology Course

The purpose of this course is to introduce graduate students of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program to the principles of teaching. The students will be trained in basic teaching techniques as well as provided material for teaching students specific concepts. As part of this course, students will participate in teaching first-year medical students the fundamentals of microbiology, in conjunction with the Laboratory and Problem Based Learning sections of the Molecular Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease course of Basic Science Medical School block. Each student will be responsible for 8-10 medical students in a laboratory setting. The student will present basic laboratory techniques, explain concepts of microbiology and infectious disease, including diagnostic tests, interpretation of results, and data management. In addition, the student will assist the Faculty Facilitator in the Problem Based Learning Sessions where they will review laboratory findings with the students.

Contemporary Topics in Immunology

MSIMM 3220 - Contemporary Topics in Immunology (1.0 Cr)

Instructor: Kane

This is a third-tier course in which students will read, present, and evaluate the primary literature in immunology. Each semester will feature an integrated set of papers addressing a current issue of interest to modern immunologists. The course may be taken more than once, since the topic addressed will change each semester. The prerequisite is Comprehensive Immunology or permission of the course director.

Immunology and Human Disease

MSIMM 3230 - Immunology and Human Disease (2.0 Cr)

Instructor: Binder
This is a third-tier course that will apply modern immunological principles to develop our understanding of the causes or treatments of human disease. The course will consist of a series of lecture and discussion blocks. Background reading will be required and the course will rely heavily on the reading of original articles. Classes will regularly be devoted to paper discussions, and each student will be responsible for introducing one paper. The prerequisite is Comprehensive Immunology or permission of the course director.

Intro to Immunobiotherapeutics

MSIMM 2240 - Intro to Immunobiotherapeutics (2.0 Cr)
Instructor: Giannoukakis

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and the technology upon which immunobiotherapeutics are based. The course focuses on the overall aims of using small molecules, antibodies, genes and cells as immunotherapeutic agents. It covers the use of viral and non-viral agents as gene delivery vehicles, cells as therapeutic agents and small molecules as delivery and therapeutic vehicles. The course also covers diseases and disorders in which immunobiotherapy has proven safety and demonstrated successful outcomes like cancer, mendelian disorders and autoimmunity. Lectures and student presentations cover: Genes and cells as drugs, peptides, antibodies and small molecules as therapeutics and delivery vehicles, viral and non-viral vectors, stem cells, and specific diseases where immunotherapy has shown safety and efficacy. Students may also be educated on bioethical issues and existing laws governing biotechnology and molecular medicine approaches.

Immunology of Infectious Disease

MSIMM 3280 Immunology of Infectious Disease (2 cr.)
Instructor: Norris / Flynn
This course examines the immune responses to pathogens, as well as on immune evasion of microbes. The organisms studied include bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Topics focus on host-pathogen interaction and include innate immunity, modulation of antigen processing and presentation, pathogenic strategies for subversion of immune responses, effector functions of immune cells, and immunopathology.