Mark Shlomchik Promoted to Distinguished Professor
Lakkis Lab Publishes Paper in JCI

The Lakkis Lab published a paper in JCI

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Dario Vignali Honored by UPMC

Dario Vignali, PhD was honored as the 2019 PNC Elsie Hillman Distinguished Scholar Award recipient at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Gala on September 12th 2019. Please... View »

Kaplan Lab Good News
The Kaplan Lab has quite a bit of good news to report. Please see below:
  • Received a National Psoriasis Foundation grant exploring the relationship of nerves and inflammatory skin... View »
Meisel Lab Receives Grants
The Meisel Lab received two Pilot & Feasibility Awards:
Dutta Lab Receives AHA Grant

The Dutta Lab received the American Heart Association Transformational Project Award. Please... View »

Nicotra Lab Receives NSF Grant

Matt Nicotra and collaborators at the University of Florida and National University Ireland - Galway ... View »

Borghesi Lab Good News
  • Received funding on a new R01
  • Newly elected representative on the Medical Student Promotions Committee
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Jason Lohmueller, PhD, begins tenure track Surgery

Jason Lohmueller, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Finn Lab, started his tenure track Assistant Professor position in Surgery with a secondary appointment in Immunology on August 1.  His office and... View »

Vignali Lab Receives Three F31 Grants

Congratulations to Chris Chuckran, Stephanie Grebinoski, Becky Dadey, and the rest of the Vignali Lab!

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Chang (Gracie) Liu’s paper from the Vignali lab has been published in Immunity

Please click here for the article. 

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Partha Biswas has been awarded a R01 from NIAID, NIH
Adolfo Frias (D’Cruz) publishes in the Journal of Immunology

Adolfo Frias (graduate student) in the D’Cruz lab has published a paper on the role of Id2 in adipose resident regulatory T cells in the Journal of Immunology. Congratulations!... View »

Hand Lab Publishes in Nature Medicine

Congratulations! Click here for the article

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Ann Piccirillo (D’Cruz) publishes paper in the Journal of Immunology

Ann Piccirillo (former graduate student), D’Cruz lab publish paper on the function of MFSD2A and fatty acid transport into CD8+ T cells in the Journal of Immunology.... View »