3 PMI Students Receive F31 Grants

Congratulations to these three PMI students for receiving F31 grants! 

  • Haylee Baxendell (M Shlomchik Lab)
  • Ronal Peralta (Delgoffe Lab)
  • Tristan White (Morel Lab)... View »
Reinhard Hinterleitner Receives Grant from The Global Grants for Gut Health
Reinhard Hinterleitner received a grant from The Global Grants for Gut Health, co-supported by Yakult and Nature Research. Please... View »
McGeachy Lab Publishes in Journal of Experimental Medicine

The McGeachy Lab publishes an article in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.... View »

Three Publications by the Vignali Lab

Gracie Liu (research associate) published this article in Nature Immunology

Gracie Liu (research... View »

Two Gaffen Lab PMI Students Get Published

Felix Aggor publishes in Science Immunology. Click here for that article.

... View »

Stephanie Grebinoski (Vignali Lab) Publishes Review in Current Opinion in Immunology

Congratulations Stephanie! Click here for the article. 

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Biswas Lab Publishes in Science Translational Medicine
Biswas lab publishes in Science Translational Medicine on immune dysfunction and antifungal immunity in patients with kidney disease. Chetan Jawale, a postdoctoral fellow in Biswas lab, is the... View »
Poholek Lab Publishes in the Journal of Experimental Medicine
Poholek Lab publishes in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on the unexpected role of Blimp-1 to promote Th2 cells in the lung and drive allergic asthma. The research was done in collaboration... View »
Sarah Gaffen Receives 2020 ICIS-BioLegend Award

Congratulations to Sarah Gaffen, co-recipient of the 2020 ICIS-BioLegend William E. Paul Award! The award recognizes her leadership in the field of cytokine builogy. Please find the congratulatory... View »

Joglekar lab receives an Innovative Immunotherapies Award

Joglekar lab receives a new grant titled "Reprogramming Treg Cell Specificity to Suppress Autoreactivity in T1D" from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This project will test the ability... View »

Shlomchik lab publishes in Nature Immunology

Shlomchik lab publishes in Nature Immunology on unexpected metabolomics of GC B cells. The research was led by Florian Weisel and done in collaboration with Greg Delgoffe and Stacy Wendell.... View »

Sarah Gaffen receives new R01 grant from NIAID

Sarah Gaffen receives new R01 grant from NIAID titled, "Molecular mechanisms of IL-17-dependent autoimmune signaling... View »

Two MSTP and PMI graduate students in the Starzl Transplantation Institute Receive F awards from the NIH

Gaelen Dwyer (Turnquist) and Roger Tieu (Lakkis) both received F30 awards from NIAID. Congraulations!

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Tony Cillo (Vignali Postdoc) Publishes in Immunity

Congrats to Dr. Tony Cillo (post doc in Vignali Lab) on his paper published in Immunity! ... View »

Two Delgoffe Lab Trainees Receive NIH Fellowship Awards

Two members of the Delgoffe laboratory have received F grants to support their research training. Congratulations to McLane Watson (PMI) for receiving an F31 from NIAID, and to Paolo Vignali (MSTP... View »