Ellen Scott and Angela Gocher (Vignali) Publish Review in Frontiers in Immunology

Congratulations to Vignali Lab members Ellen Scott (PMI student) and Angela Gocher (Postdoc) on publishing a review in Frontiers in Immunology.... View »

Gaffen Lab Postdoc Rami Bechara Publishes in Science Immunology
Rami Bechara, PhD, from the Gaffen Lab publishes in Science Immunology. Please click here for the article. 
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Biswas and Gaffen Labs Publish in JCI Insight
The Biswas and Gaffen labs publish in JCI Insight. This is a first author article by postdoc De-Dong Li. Please click here... View »
Vignali Lab Publishes in Nature Reviews Immunology

The Vignali Lab has published an article in Nature Reviews Immunology titled, "Interferon-γ: teammate or opponent in the tumour microenvironment?... View »

Kane Lab Publishes in Science Signaling

The Kane Lab has just published a paper in Science Signaling. Co-first authors are Shunsuke Kataoka and Priya Manandhar.... View »

Lisa Borghesi Awarded NIH Grant
Lisa Borghesi, Professor of Immunology, was awarded an NIH grant for new instrumentation that enables high-content imaging of cells in the native tissue environment. 
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Partha Biswas receives R21 award

Congratulations to Partha Biswas for receiving a R21 grant entitled, “Mechanisms of renal protection against disseminated candidiasis.”

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Lisa Borghesi Receives Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award
Congraultations to Dr. Lisa Borghesi, who recently received the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. She is recognized for leadership in medical and graduate education. Dr. Borghesi will... View »
Sarah Gaffen Elected as a Fellow of the American Society for Microbiology

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Gaffen, who was Sarah Gaffen recently elected as a Fellow of the American Society for Microbiology.... View »

Chetan Jawale (Biswas) Published in Immunohorizons

Congratualtion to Chetan Jawale from the Biswas Lab, who published a paper in Immunohorizons. Click here for the article. ... View »

Tullia Bruno Invited to Speak at Institut Cancer et Immunologie

Congratulations to Dr. Tullia Bruno for. being invited to give a research talk at the first annual seminar series in Immunology-Oncology of the Institut Cancer et... View »

Delgoffe Lab publishes in Nature

Congratulations to members of the Delgoffe lab, especially first author and PMI student McLane Watson, for their latest article “Metabolic support of tumour infiltrating regulatory T cells by... View »

Rebekah Dadey (Vignali Lab) Publishes in ImmunoHorizons

Congratulation to Rebekah Dadey and the Vignali Lab! Click here for the article. 

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Andrew Frisch (Delgoffe Lab) receives NCI F31 fellowship

Congratulations to Andrew Frisch, a 3rd year graduate student in the Delgoffe Lab, for receiving an NCI NRSA grant (F31CA257760) entitled "Metabolically Improving the Generation, Function, and... View »

Delgoffe Lab publishes in Nature Immunology
Work from the Delgoffe lab suggests mitochondrial stress can drive T cell differentiation to exhaustion. Check out the article... View »