Adolfo Frias (D’Cruz) publishes in the Journal of Immunology

Adolfo Frias (graduate student) in the D’Cruz lab has published a paper on the role of Id2 in adipose resident regulatory T cells in the Journal of Immunology. Congratulations!... View »

Hand Lab Publishes in Nature Medicine

Congratulations! Click here for the article

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Ann Piccirillo (D’Cruz) publishes paper in the Journal of Immunology

Ann Piccirillo (former graduate student), D’Cruz lab publish paper on the function of MFSD2A and fatty acid transport into CD8+ T cells in the Journal of Immunology.... View »

Drs. Reed and Barratt-Boyes Awarded Contract from NIH

They were awarded a $1M contract from the NIH Vaccine Research Center to test a novel universal influenza vaccine candidate in our nonhuman primate model of severe H5N1 influenza. The vaccine is... View »

Vignali, McGeachy, and Shlomchik Labs all have papers in current issue of Nature Immunology

See picture for screenshot of McGeachy and Shlomchik papers listed on their homepage. Congratulations!

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Drs. Mandy McGeachy and Sarah Gaffen co-author review article on IL-17 signaling for the 25th Anniversary Edition of Immunity

Click here for the article. 

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Ashwin Somasundaram (Vignali) and Tony Cillo (Vignali) Win Awards at IOYIF

Both won 1st place in their respective Clinical Fellow and Research Fellow sections at IOYIF (Immuno-Oncology Young Investigators’ Forum) held in Houston, TX. Click the links for the Twitter... View »

Hiroshi Yano (Vignali) Publishes in Nature Immunology

Please click here to read.

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Postdoc Saikat Majumder (McGeachy) Publishes Paper in Nature Immunology

Saikat Majumder (postdoc), McGeachy lab publish paper on IL-17 metabolically reprogramming LN fibroblastic reticular cells in Nature Immunology.... View »

Postdoc Dana Previte (Piganelli) Publishes Paper in Cell Reports

Please click here for the article. Congratulations!

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Olja Finn Awarded SITC Honor

Olja Finn has been awarded the 2019 Richard V. Smalley, MD, Memorial Award and Lectureship, SITC's highest honor. Please... View »

Richard Cattley and Bill Hawse publish a research article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Richard Cattley and Bill Hawse publish a research article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry entitled “T cells transduce T cell receptor signal strength by generating different... View »

Sarah Gaffen Elected as Council Member of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society

Dr. Sarah Gaffen is elected to a 2-year term as a Council Member of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society.... View »

Abigail Overacre-Delgoffe Receives Postdoctoral Fellowship

Abigail Overacre-Delgoffe receives Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, a 4 year fellowship. Congratulations!

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D’Cruz and Hawse labs publish paper in JBC

Louise D’Cruz and William Hawse publish in JBC about naïve and memory T cell proteomic changes. Click here for the... View »