Florian Weisel, Ph.D.

Florian Weisel, Ph.D.


Campus: The Assembly, 5051 Centre Ave

Office: 3077

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Ph: 412-648-8220

Fax: 412-383-5491


Academic Affiliation

  • Research Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, Shlomchik Lab

About Research

Integrated in Dr. Shlomchik´s laboratory, one of the main research goals is to understand the mechanisms which lead to the generation of different long-lived humoral immune-effector cells within the germinal center reaction.

Memory B cells can be functionally subdivided using the surface markers CD73, CD80 and PD-L2. A major research focus is to identify the underling mechanism which leads to functional differences of less-committed memory B cells (CD80/PD-L2 double negative) to seed secondary GC reactions compared to more-committed (CD80/ PD-2 double positive) memory B cells to quickly differentiate into antibody-forming cells upon antigen re-encounter. 

Selected Publications

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Brenner, S., Drewel, D., Steinbart, T., Weisel, F., Härtel, E., Pötzsch, S., Welzel, H., Brandl, A., Yu, P., Mudde, G.C., et al. (2011). A hypomorphic IgH-chain allele affects development of B-cell subsets and favours receptor editing. Embo J 30, 2705–2718.

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