Zhaoyang You, Ph.D.

Zhaoyang You, Ph.D.


Office: W1046 BSTWR


Ph: 412-383-8641


Academic Affiliation

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology

Selected Publications

ian S., Liu Z., Donahue C., Noh H.S., Falo L.D. Jr., You Z. Transcriptional IL-15-Directed In Vivo DC Targeting DNA Vaccine. Gene Therapy, 16:1260-1270. 2009.

Liu Z., Tian S., Falo L.D. Jr., Sakaguchi S., You Z. Therapeutic Immunity by Adoptive Tumor-Primed CD4+ T Cell Transfer in Combination with In Vivo GITR Ligation. Molecular Therapy, 17:1274-1281, 2009.

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Yu P., Lee Y., Wang Y., Liu X, Auh S., Gajewski T.F., Schreiber H., You Z., Kaynor C., Wang X., Fu Y-X. Targeting the Primary Tumor to Generate CTL for the Effective Eradication of Spontaneous Metastases. The Journal of Immunology. 179:1960-1968, 2007.

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