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Maninjay Atianand Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology
  • PMI Graduate Faculty

    Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Training - University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Ph.D. - Albany Medical School
  • MBBA - Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India
Representative Publications

Atianand MK, Caffrey DR and Fitzgerald KA. Immunobiology of long noncoding RNAs. Annual Reviews in Immunology 2017, PMID: 28125358.

Atianand MK, Hu W, Satpathy AT, Shen Y, Ricci EP, Alvarez-Dominguez JR, et al. A Long Noncoding RNA lincRNA-EPS Acts as a Transcriptional Brake to Restrain Inflammation. Cell 2016, 165(7): 1672-1685, PMID: 27315481.

          - Highlighted in “Curb Your Inflammation”. Leading Edge Select, Cell 2016, 165(7):1553-5, PMID: 27315466.

Chan J, Atianand MK, Jiang Z, Carpenter S, Aiello D, Elling R, et al. Cutting Edge: A Natural Antisense Transcript, AS-IL1alpha, Controls Inducible Transcription of the Proinflammatory Cytokine IL-1alpha. J Immunol 2015, 195(4): 1359-1363, PMID: 26179904.

Atianand MK, Fitzgerald KA. Long non-coding RNAs and control of gene expression in the immune system. Trends in molecular medicine 2014, 20(11): 623-631, PMID: 25262537.

Carpenter S, Aiello D, Atianand MK, Ricci EP, Gandhi P, Hall LL, et al. A long noncoding RNA mediates both activation and repression of immune response genes. Science 2013, 341(6147): 789-792, PMID: 23907535.

Complete list of publications

Research Interests
  • Gene Regulation in Innate Immunity and Inflammation
  • Long noncoding RNAs
  • RNA binding proteins
  • Macrophages