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Tumor Immunology

Faculty and students with interests in tumor immunology are on the leading edge of research in tumor antigen discovery, antigen presentation with special emphases on dendritic cells, lymphocyte specificity and activation, cytokine action, and in vivo vaccination strategies to develop safe and effective treatments for cancer by enhancing anti-cancer immune responses. Related studies in this area include the search for underlying genetic or biochemical defects that lead to cell transformation and tumorigenesis, which may also influence tumor immunogenicity. These studies emphasize intracellular signal transduction, programmed cell death, and oncogene function. Members also study the development, activation, and function of natural killer cells.

Participating Faculty and Lab

Robert Binder, Ph.D.
Antigen processing and presentation; cross priming; mechanisms of tumor immunology; immunosurveillance

Greg M. Delgoffe, Ph.D
Metabolism of antitumor immunity, tumor immunotherapy

Louis D. Falo, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Vaccines; Ag Processing; Cutaneous Immunobiology.

Robert L. Ferris, M.D., Ph.D.
Development of novel immunotherapeutic approaches to head and neck tumors

Olivera J. Finn, Ph.D.
Human T cell biology; tumor immunology; transplant immunology  

Adrianna Larregina, M.D., Ph.D.
Skin genetic immunization; immunobiology of skin; bone marrow derived DCs

Michael T. Lotze, M.D.
Tumor immunology; dendritic cell biology; cytokine biology; regulation of apoptosis in immune effectors

Penelope A. Morel, M.D.
Thl/Th2 regulation; autoimmunity; NK cell biology

Abby Overacre, Ph.D.
Microbiome, diet, tumor immunology, immunotherapy, immunoregulation

Michael R. Shurin, M.D., Ph.D
Tumor immunology; dendritic cell biology

Walter J. Storkus, Ph.D.
Natural killer cell and CTL antitumor targeting mechanisms

Dario Vignali, Ph.D.
Tumor immunology, immunotherapy and immune regulation studies on immunologically-impacted solid tumors (primarily head and neck, melanoma, lung, pancreatic cancer).

Zhaoyang You, Ph.D.
In Vivo Targeted Vaccines for Tumor Immunotherap

Hassane Zarour, M.D.
MHC class II tumor epitopes