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Michael R. Shurin M.D., Ph.D.

  • Medical Director, Division Clinical Immunopathology
  • Professor of Pathology and Immunology
  • PMI Graduate Faculty

    Education & Training

  • Ph.D. - The Institute for Pharmacology, Academy of Medical Sciences
  • M.D. - Moscow Medical School
Representative Publications

Tkach A.V., Shurin G.V., Shurin M.R., Kisin E.R., Murray A.R., Young S-H., Star A., Fadeel B., Kagan V.E., Shvedova A.A. Direct effects of carbon nanotubes on dendritic cells induce immune suppression upon pulmonary exposure. ACS Nano, 5(7):5755-5762, 2011.

Shurin M.R., Potapovich A., Tyurina Y.Y., Tourkova I.L., Shurin G.V., Kagan V.E. Recognition of live phosphatidylserine-labeled tumor cells by dendritic cells: a novel approach to immunotherapy of skin cancer. Cancer Research 69(6): 2487-2496, 2009.

Shurin G.V., Tourkova I.L., Kaneno R., Shurin M.R. Chemotherapeutic agents in noncytotoxic concentrations increase antigen presentation by dendritic cells via an IL-12-dependent mechanism. J. Immunology, 183:137-144, 2009.

Tourkova I.L., Shurin G.V., Wei S., Shurin M.R. Small Rho GTPases mediate tumor-induced inhibition of endocytic activity of dendritic cells. J. Immunol. 178(12): 7787-7793, 2007

Shurin G.V., Ferris R., Tourkova I.L., Perez L., Lokshin A., Balkir L., Kollins R., Chatta G.S., Shurin M.R. Loss of New Chemokine CXCL14 in Tumor Tissue is Associated with Low Infiltration by Dendritic Cells, while Restoration of Human CXCL14 Expression in Tumor Cells Causes Attraction of Dendritic Cells both in vitro and in vivo. J. Immunol. 174: 5490-5498, 2005.

Tourkova I.L., Shurin G.V., Chatta G.S., Perez L., Finke, J., Whiteside T.L., Ferrone S., Shurin M.R. Restoration by IL-15 of MHC class I antigen processing machinery in human dendritic cells inhibited by tumor-derived gangliosides. J. Immunol. 175: 3045-3052, 2005.

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Research Interests
  • Tumor-induced immunomodulation
  • Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of dendropoiesis in cancer
  • Immunobiology of dendritic cells in cancer
  • Psychoneuroendocrine factors of immunosuppression in cancer
  • Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy for cancer - new approaches and modalities