Rachel A. Gottschalk, Ph.D.

Rachel A. Gottschalk, Ph.D.


Campus: The Assembly, 5051 Centre Ave

Office: 3043

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Ph: 412-383-0473


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  • B.S., Biology, Emory University, 2005
  • Ph.D., Immunology, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, 2012
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Laboratory of Systems Biology, NIAID, NIH

Academic Affiliation

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology

About Research

Our lab uses quantitative approaches to understand how macrophages process stimuli to determine the appropriate functional response. Major projects include (1) linking phosphorylation dynamics to kinase and transcription factor specificity, (2) interrogating lung-specific macrophage signaling, and (3) dissecting molecular determinants of macrophage polarization. We combine experimental and computational approaches to link intracellular signaling, gene expression, and immune function, promising insight into disease susceptibility and potential therapeutic manipulation of macrophage function.

Selected Publications

Myers S.A.# and Gottschalk R.A.# Mechanisms encoding STAT functional diversity for context-specific inflammatory responses. Curr. Opin. Immunol. 2022. PMID: 35063833

#co-corresponding authors

Shoger K.E., Cheemalavagu N., Cao Y.M., Michalides B.A., Chaudhri V.K., Cohen J.A., Singh H., Gottschalk R.A. CISH attenuates homeostatic cytokine signaling to promote lung-specific macrophage programming and function. Sci. Signal. 2021. PMID: 34516753

Gottschalk R.A.*#, Dorrington M.G.*, Dutta B., Krauss K.S., Martins A.J., Uderhardt S., Chan W., Tsang J.S., Torabi-Parizi P., Fraser I.D., Germain R.N.#. IFN-mediated negative feedback supports bacteria class-specific macrophage inflammatory responses. eLIFE. 2019. PMID: 31385572

*co-first authors, #co-corresponding authors

Oh K.S.*, Gottschalk R.A.*#, Lounsbury N.W.*, Sun J., Dorrington M.G., Baek S., Sun G., Wang Z., Krauss K.S., Milner J.D., Dutta B., Hager G.L., Sung M.H., Fraser I.D.# Dual roles for Ikaros in regulation of macrophage chromatin state and inflammatory gene expression. J. Immunol. 2018. PMID: 29898962

*co-first authors, #co-corresponding authors

Oh K.S., Patel H., Gottschalk R.A., Lee W.S., Baek S., Fraser I.D., Hager G.L., Sung M.H. Anti-inflammatory chromatinscape suggests alternative mechanisms of glucocorticoid receptor action. Immunity. 2017. PMID: 28801231

Gottschalk R.A.*, Martins A.J., Angermann B.R., Dutta B., Ng C.E., Uderhardt S., Tsang J.S., Fraser I.D., Meier-Schellersheim M., Germain R.N.* Distinct NF-kB and MAPK activation thresholds uncouple steady-state microbe sensing from anti-pathogen inflammatory responses. Cell Systems2016. PMID: 27237739

*co-corresponding authors

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Research Interests

  • Macrophage signaling
  • Quantitative control of inflammation
  • Tissue-specific macrophage function
  • Computational and systems biology