Flow Cytometry Overview (COVID-19 Outbreak Update)

The Unified Flow Core is now open for new research experiments, in addition to ongoing essential research. The number of core personnel on-site may be limited, in compliance with institutional guidelines for the maximum allowable personnel. Appointments for cell sorts or training of new users will be scheduled with these procedures in mind.  

Contact Lisa Borghesi if you have questions about COVID Flow Core rules:  borghesi@pitt.edu

Contact Dewayne Falkner or Ailing Liu for training and access to the Unified Flow Core: falkner@pitt.edu or ail13@pitt.edu

New safety measures are in place including mandatory six foot spatial separation between individuals.


Rules for core use, effective immediately: UPDATE July 2021

1) Users should work 6 feet apart from each other and from core staff.

2) One person per instrument. If a second person is needed to assist the primary user, then that second person must stand outside.

3) Users should disinfect surfaces before and after use. (key board, mouse, and desk)

4) Users must wear gloves and face mask.

5) Users are encouraged to communicate with core staff by text or email. (Please state your name and the cytometer that you are working on). To help maintain a 6 foot spatial buffer, core staff may relocate to seating areas outside of the core. 

6) In sort rooms, personnel will be limited. Users must stand 6 feet away at all times.

7) Violators: one warning, a second violation = immediate suspension.