Scheduling and Cancellation



Trained users must schedule experiments on the individual instrument calendar by logging into

Users should try not to overbook time because unused time will be charged.  If the difference of the time scheduled and the time used is greater than 90 minutes, the remaining time must be charged to non NIH funded sources (02 or 04 accounts).

If the user is unable to complete his/her samples within the allotted time and the user scheduled after needs to use the instrument, the previous user must leave.


To analyze samples containing potential bio-hazards (BSL2) without fixation, such as unfixed human, non-human primate or virally-transduced or infected cells, etc., users must schedule using the instrument (STI Fortessa) within a containment hood, which is located in south BST Room S756 or use the Aurora in BST room W1005.


For cell sorting or assisted analysis, first time users are required to contact Core staff. The subsequent appointment can be made by completing the Sort Request Form:



Changing or cancelling an appointment

In order to maximize instrument accessibility, the cancellation window to avoid fees is 48 hours for sorters and 24 hours for analyzers.

Canceled time will be charged to non NIH funds (02 or 04 accounts).



  • Users cancelling >48 hrs prior to sort reservation will not be charged.
  • Users cancelling 24-48 hrs prior to sort reservation will be charged for 1 hour of sort time. 
  • Users cancelling <24 hrs prior to the sort will be charged for the entire sort time scheduled.
  • Time may be charged entirely or partially depending on how the reduced/canceled time is used by others.

Users must contact Core staff directly to change or cancel a cell sorting or assisted analysis appointment.



  • Changes or cancellations of appointments should be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled time to avoid a charge.
  • The Core cannot accept excuses for same day cancellations other than cytometer malfunction.
  • The time may be charged entirely or partially depending on how the reduced/canceled time is used by others. 

If something unexpected comes up during the same day of an appointment and a user needs to change or cancel his/her appointment, he/she must Edit/Delete it on the analytical instrument calendar on



Last User of the Day


It is the responsibility of the last user of the day to turn off the analytical instrument. If the last person of the day cannot make his/her scheduled time, he/she must inform the person before so that that person knows to turn off the machine.